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Japan 🇯🇵 Cordyceps sinensis black soybean enzyme

Japan 🇯🇵 Cordyceps sinensis black soybean enzyme

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Yuanの社's unique health care product is an upgraded formula of Cordyceps health care products. This Cordyceps drink is fermented from a food material that has always been regarded as a precious and highly curative ingredient in China - Cordyceps sinensis, and a black kidney food - black soybeans. Cordyceps enzyme can help nourish the kidneys and lungs, protect the lungs and calm asthma, especially relieve upper respiratory problems and enhance the body's resistance to harmful factors. Therefore, Cordyceps enzyme is a good product for nourishing yin and tonifying deficiency during seasons and epidemics. This cordyceps drink is easy to absorb, has remarkable efficacy, and is a must-have at home. Its quality has always been highly praised in the market.


Cordyceps Health Products


Chinese precious ingredients combined with Japanese traditional fermentation technology

Yuanの社's flagship series has added a new member. This upgraded formula is made from precious Chinese ingredients and fermented with traditional Japanese fermentation technology. It took 3 years of research and production to produce products such as Cordyceps enzyme. Modern scientific research has also confirmed that Cordyceps sinensis is a precious and highly curative Chinese herbal medicine. It can nourish yin and nourish the lungs, nourish the kidneys and qi, effectively improve upper respiratory tract symptoms caused by cold weather, and at the same time enhance self-immunity. According to the analysis of Chinese medicine, Cordyceps sinensis can enter the kidney meridian and lung meridian, effectively strengthening the lungs and nourishing the kidneys. It is very suitable for nourishing the body and repairing during epidemics. It is nourishing but not dry. This Cordyceps drink is suitable for all seasons.


Century-old Dongying Health Wisdom Presents: Fermentation

The development of traditional Japanese fermentation technology is very mature. Cordyceps enzyme uses carefully selected plant materials to ferment naturally without heating, which is absolutely guaranteed in terms of hygiene and efficacy. The above-mentioned Cordyceps black soybean product is different in that it uses specific fungus microorganisms and uses unique technology to ferment the ingredients, so it can produce extremely rich food nutrition metabolites, including probiotics, amino acids and oligosaccharides, which make it easier to absorb nutrients in food, adjust the intestinal tract, enhance anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, detoxification and other effects, it is a very important Cordyceps health care product!

When Cordyceps sinensis and black soybeans are fermented, there will be a perfect synergistic effect, which will release a large amount of Cordyceps polysaccharides, cordycepic acid, citric acid, polyphenols and other natural food powers. The formula contains high concentration and high stability of Cordyceps ingredients.


Main functions:

  1. Strengthens and protects upper respiratory tract health
  2. Nourishes the lungs, strengthens the liver, nourishes lean energy
  3. Comprehensively enhance immunity
  4. Improve liver and kidney function
  5. Improve hair loss and constipation
  6. Improve nocturnal frequent urination


Suitable for:

  • Suffering from nasal allergies and upper respiratory symptoms
  • Suffering from hair loss, constipation
  • frequent urination problems
  • Poor liver and kidney function
  • low immunity



Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan


main ingredient:

Spring water (Kuma River), Tanba, rice koji (Kumamoto Prefecture), Cordyceps sinensis


internal volume:



How to use:

It is recommended to drink 30-60ml per day, just drink it directly.


storage method:

Before opening, please store this Cordyceps enzyme product in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening and consume as soon as possible. The Cordyceps enzyme products are fermented products. If there is a small amount of sediment, it is a natural phenomenon. It is recommended to close the bottle tightly and shake well before drinking.


Nutrition Information Nutrition Information Per 100mL:

Energy/Energy: 61kcal/kcal

Protein/Protein: 2.9 grams/g

Total Fat/Total Fat: 0 grams/g

Saturated fat/Saturated fat: 0 grams/g

Trans fat Trans fat: 0 grams/g

Carbohydrates/Carbohydrates: 12.4 grams/g

Sugar/Sugar: 8.93 grams/g

Sodium/Sodium: 1.7mg/mg


  1. Patients with kidney disease should not take it.
  2. People with stomach bloating and young children should take it in moderation.
  3. This Cordyceps health supplement is not intended for treatment. If you have individual diseases, please consult your doctor before taking or drinking.
  4. This Cordyceps enzyme product has passed the sampling test of the Food Safety Center of the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, and it has been confirmed that it is not affected by radiation.

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Diabetes - Middle Aged Men Hong Kong

The customer himself has the problem of frequent urination at night and needs to go to the toilet 3 to 4 times a night, but after drinking it, his frequent urination has been significantly improved, and he has become more energetic to do housework during the day. He originally wanted to take this Cordyceps sinensis enzyme to regulate his body, but it unexpectedly improved the hair loss problem that had troubled him for many years, and now he looks younger, which surprised him!


About Cordyceps Enzyme- Frequently Asked Questions:


1. There are many Cordyceps health care products in Hong Kong, but what is so special about the products of Yuanの社?

Yuan の 社's products are fermented from the original wild Cordyceps sinensis, combined with Japanese natural raw materials and traditional Japanese fermentation technology. The "composite" enzyme has more effects than the "single" enzyme. One can have multiple effects, and can preserve and maximize the effects of several ingredients.


2. What are the advantages of Cordyceps drink compared to general capsule or powdered Cordyceps supplements?

As we all know, liquid live bacteria are cultivated and brewed at room temperature, but live bacteria in capsule or powder form are made by extraction, and most of them are formed by high-temperature mechanical pressing during the production process. It is difficult for live bacteria to maintain their activity after high-temperature treatment, and nutrients will also be lost. Its potency is only one-third of that in liquid form. Therefore, in terms of effect, liquid cordyceps enzyme must be the best way to take it. The nutrition can be directly absorbed by the body without leaving a single drop, and the benefits can be maximized. Therefore, the Cordyceps drink of Yuan の Society is better than the capsules or powdered cordyceps enzyme products in the market, and the absorption speed is also the fastest among all cordyceps enzyme products!


3. Can Cordyceps supplements help fight viruses?

During the epidemic, strengthening the immune barrier is the most important task. At the same time, the lungs must be well protected to reduce the occurrence of upper respiratory symptoms. Improving lung function can help us fight against viruses and reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, we recommend Cordyceps sinensis enzyme to the frail and sick people. Cordyceps sinensis enzyme can enhance the health of the upper respiratory tract. Even if there is a virus invasion, we will be able to make a certain defense and try our best to protect the frontline of health!

In addition, a study by the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK pointed out that the lack of probiotics in the intestines has a relatively high risk of virus infection. Wild Cordyceps sinensis is fermented, and the "cordycepic acid" and "cordyceps polysaccharide" probiotics in it will be completely extracted, which can help maintain intestinal health and reduce the risk of infection. In case of infection, the virus will damage the lung function. At this time, the Cordyceps sinensis enzyme can help repair the lung function and speed up the recovery, killing two birds with one stone!

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