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Japan 🇯🇵Chuan Chenpi Enzyme (No Added Sugar/Original Flavor)

Japan 🇯🇵Chuan Chenpi Enzyme (No Added Sugar/Original Flavor)

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Sichuan orange peel enzyme
Yuan の Shechuan Chenpi Enzyme (no added sugar/ Original)

・Contains Nobiletin, a flavonoid compound extracted from lactic acid fermentation of lime native to Okinawa.

・Natural sour taste, refreshing, suitable for people who are concerned about blood sugar.

・Lemon, also known as flat lemon, is rich in flavonoids - Nobiletin. Studies have found that nobiletin promotes the excretion of uric acid by inhibiting the activity of xanthine oxidase; it can also scavenge free radicals, and its antioxidant capacity is about 600 times that of vitamin E. Okinawa lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which can beautify the skin, anti-aging and anti-oxidation.

Main functions:

1. Help stabilize uric acid level.

2. Improve pain and joint pain.

3. Help stabilize blood pressure.

4. Soothe nervous tension.

5. Strengthen the brain and strengthen the body.

Suitable for:

It is suitable for people who are concerned about uric acid levels, pain, inflammation, nervousness, and people who are concerned about blood pressure levels.


Okinawa, Japan.

main ingredient:

Okinawa flat fruit lemon juice, green papaya fermented extract (GABA), Okinawa flat fruit extract (nobiletin), vitamin C.

internal volume:

720 ml.

How to use:

It is recommended to drink 50ml per day, drink directly or dilute according to personal preference, and drink it one hour before going to bed to help sleep.

storage method:

Store in a cool place before opening, out of sunlight. After opening, keep refrigerated and drink as soon as possible.

Nutrition Information Nutrition Information Per 100mL:

Energy/Energy: 35kcal/kcal

Protein/Protein: 0.8 grams/g

Total Fat/Total Fat: 0.1 grams/g

Saturated fat/Saturated fat: 0 grams/g

Trans fat Trans fat: 0 grams/g

Carbohydrates/Carbohydrates: 8 grams/g

Sugar/Sugars: 2.33 grams/g

Sodium/Sodium: 111mg/mg

Nobiletin/Nobiletin: 50mg/mg

γ-aminobutyric acid/GABA: 220mg/mg


1. The product is not intended for therapeutic purposes. If you have an individual disease, please consult your doctor before taking or drinking it.

2. The product has passed the sampling test of the Food Safety Center of the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, and it has been confirmed that it is not affected by radiation.

user sharing

1. Gout - Miss Chen

"The feeling of a gout attack is really 'unforgettable', I don't want to feel this pain again! Chuan tangerine peel enzyme has a really good anti-inflammatory effect. It quickly dissolved and drained away my gout stones. I have been drinking it for 3 weeks now, and the pain in my feet has completely disappeared due to anti-inflammatory!

2. Gout - Mr. Pan

"One time when I was doing a field trip, my foot hurt so badly that I couldn't even get off the car. I drank two cups of tangerine peel from Zuo Chuan, and I was fine in the afternoon. After I finished strenuous exercise, it was like going for a run for an hour. I would feel a little sore the next day. I would drink it, and it would relieve the pain in my feet. Usually nothing happened after drinking it."

3. High uric acid and gout—Ms. Chen, 40 years old, Hong Kong

Ms. Chen and her husband, because of the high pressure of work, like to taste delicious food and wine to relieve stress in their spare time, which eventually caused gout. Ms. Chen herself has the habit of drinking black soybean enzymes, so when she inquired about products corresponding to uric acid conditions, she learned that Sichuan tangerine peel enzymes can help lower uric acid, so she also added Sichuan tangerine peel enzymes in her maintenance. "The feeling of a gout attack is really 'unforgettable', I don't want to feel this pain again!

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