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Japan 🇯🇵Noni Fruit Enzyme

Japan 🇯🇵Noni Fruit Enzyme

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Noni fruit is the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree, which abounds in subtropical regions and is an important herbal medicine that has been used in Pacific island countries for more than two thousand years. Noni fruit has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its branches, leaves, berries and roots are rich in nutrients, which can improve the health of the skin, breathing and immune system. Because Noni fruit has so many effects, the locals regard it as a magical fruit that can cure all diseases.

Brief Introduction of Noni Fruit

The scientific name of Noni fruit is Morinda Citrifolia. It has an uneven appearance. It is green when immature, then turns yellow, and turns almost white when ripe. It has a very unique smell. Although the appearance and smell of noni fruit is not as attractive as other fruits, the health benefits of noni fruit are very wide

The noni fruit enzyme originates from Okinawa, Japan. It is made from Tahitian noni juice, fermented vinegar brewed with Ryukyu national treasure black koji and Okinawa brown sugar. It contains xeronine converting enzyme, which can help eliminate allergies and effectively prevent the intrusion of harmful substances. It is absolutely suitable for people who are prone to throat, trachea or respiratory allergies. Both adults and children can drink it with peace of mind! Take a small cup every day to absorb the nutrition of noni fruit and create a healthier life!

Efficacy of noni fruit enzyme:

1. Relieve skin allergy symptoms. Improve cough and asthma and airway sensitivity

2. Improve cough and asthma and airway sensitivity

3. Strengthen the immune system

4. Promote detoxification metabolism and help wound healing

5. Prevent the growth of heterogeneous cells

Noni Fruit Enzyme is suitable for:

People who pay attention to skin sensitivity, eczema, bronchial allergy, and people with low immunity or want to repair cells


Okinawa, Japan

main ingredient:

Brewed Vinegar, Tahitian Noni Fruit, Okinawa Brown Sugar, Black Koji

internal volume:


How to use:

Yuanzhishe recommends drinking 1-3 times a day, 30-50ml each time, you can choose to drink it directly or mix it with water according to your preference

Note: Please avoid mixing with hot water for drinking

storage method:

Please store in a cool dry place before opening, avoid direct sunlight

After opening, it needs to be refrigerated, and it is recommended to drink it within 30 days

Nutrition Information (Per 100ml per 100ml):

Energy/Energy: 62kcal/kcal

Protein/Protein: 1.4 grams/g

Total Fat/Total Fat: 0 grams/g

Saturated fat/Saturated fat: 0 grams/g

Trans fat Trans fat: 0 grams/g

Carbohydrates/Carbohydrates: 14.4 grams/g

Sugar/Sugar: 8.9 grams/g

Sodium/Sodium: 9.5mg/mg


1. This noni fruit enzyme product cannot be used for therapeutic purposes. If there are individual diseases, it is recommended to consult a doctor before drinking

2. The product has passed the sampling test of the Food Safety Center of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, confirming that it is not affected by radiation

Users share:

1. Eczema – Miss Lee

Friends around Ms. Li are also very concerned about her condition, and they will pay attention to products related to eczema. One of them gave her a noni fruit enzyme. Since drinking noni fruit enzyme, her eczema has gradually improved, and the effect is very obvious

2. Adolescent Acne – Ms. Zhou’s Daughter

Ms. Zhou’s daughter has always been troubled by acne during puberty, so Ms. Zhou once bought noni fruit enzymes for her daughter, and found that the acne and red marks were significantly reduced

3. Skin allergies – Ms. Jiang

"The problem of skin allergies has troubled me for a long time. It took a lot of energy and money, but it didn't improve. Instead, simply drinking noni fruit enzymes completely cured me. This painful experience taught me that I only need to invest a few hundred dollars a month to drink two bottles of noni fruit enzymes to maintain good health. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and it saves money and trouble.

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