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oyster essence

oyster essence

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oyster essence

The oyster essence extracted from oysters is rich in various nutrients such as taurine (a type of amino acid), glycogen (also known as glycogen), and zinc.


1. Enhance vitality and maintain vitality.

2. Protect the liver, relieve alcohol and relieve fatigue.

3. Quickly restore energy.

4. Anti-aging, reduce hair loss.

*Does not contain western medicine, and passed the heavy metal test, safe and reliable

Suitable for:

People who often feel tired and want to fight fatigue.



main ingredient:

Oyster extract, freshwater clam extract, ornithine, curcumin.

internal volume:

120 capsules (gelatin).

How to eat:

Adults: 4 capsules in the morning, please take after meals.

preservation method:

To maintain product quality, please tighten the cap after opening and store in a cool place away from heat or direct sunlight.

Precautions: People with gout, high uric acid and poor kidney function should not use it.

Nutrition Information Per Serving (4 capsules):

Energy/Energy: 4kcal/kcal

Protein/Protein: 0.17 grams/g

Total Fat/Total Fat: 0.02 grams/g

Carbohydrates/Carbohydrates: 0.86 grams/g

Sodium/Sodium: 0.008g/g

Curcumin/Curcumin: 100mg/mg

Urine/Urine: 66mg/mg


1. The product is not intended for therapeutic purposes. If you have an individual disease, please consult your doctor before taking or drinking it.

2. The product has passed the sampling test of the Food Safety Center of the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, and it has been confirmed that it is not affected by radiation.

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