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Cellutima Relieve Vitality Cream

Cellutima Relieve Vitality Cream

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Three major functions: Anti-inflammatory Remove, Reborn Reborn, Anti-aging Reyoung

Taiwan PIC/SGMP pharmaceutical factory certification and EU medical device GMP factory certification

22 invention and technology patents from 17 countries in Europe, America and Japan, the only pure natural plant CorelGF frequency growth factor in the world

Obtained Taiwan Phase II marketing license for medical materials and trauma dressings

Research achievements of medical institutions such as mucosal repair, hair regeneration, arthritis, sports injury care, endurance improvement, fatigue recovery, and joint care! A total of 679 product safety inspection items!

Won the national brand Yushan Award, the Asia-Pacific Beauty Industry Oscar Award and other awards, anti-fatigue, pet skin care. It is the world's first plant-based, second-class medical medicinal material core component CorelGF frequency growth factor to activate autologous stem cell care products and has obtained import licenses and halal certifications from China and the European Union.

Are you a high-risk group for joint injuries?

joint maintenance

• Relieve joint discomfort, pain, stiffness

•Delays degeneration, restores agility, and prevents injuries

Sports maintenance

• Relieve exercise fatigue

• Aids in the elimination of lactic acid

improve circulation

•Help the discomfort area to improve

• Strengthen skin metabolism, anti-aging

Application area

Shoulders, knees, spine, waist, back, joints of the whole body


Press 2-3 times, apply evenly on the uncomfortable parts and joints, massage until absorbed

* At least 2 times a day

* It can be used multiple times when the local area needs to be strengthened

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