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Massage / Facial Treatment

Massage / Facial Treatment

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Pain/Skin Care

If you feel muscle soreness or pain problems, lymphatic obstruction problems, or facial skin sensitivity problems, our two senior physical therapists can professionally handle the problem for you.

For facial skin problems, we provide facial sculpture - traditional Chinese medicine beauty therapy, which can stimulate facial skin by massaging facial acupoints, promote blood circulation and metabolism, thereby reducing facial wrinkles, improving skin tone, and improving skin elasticity. In addition, facial sculpting can relieve facial fatigue and stress and promote physical and mental health. If guests need it, they can upgrade to a full range of facial treatments for an additional fee. For details, please check inbox for relevant information.

If you have lymphatic obstruction problem, but you don’t want to use the most traditional method to open the lymph nodes (because of fear of pain). We also provide "painless lymphatic drainage" service in natural therapy, using bioelectricity as the main treatment method to achieve painless lymphatic drainage.

As for the problem of muscle soreness or pain, in addition to manual assistance, we also provide some high-tech equipment - "Ion Spectrum Gun" to help deal with the root cause of the pain, so as to achieve the best and fastest effect without side effects and without rebound.

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